How to Do More

How to Do More

We have all had a moment when we sat down and started planing our lives, goals or even the tasks for the next day. I personally spent hours, sometimes days, trying to automate my workflows and boost my productivity. In most cases. Most of that invested energy and time goes to waste, since it usually never becomes a reality.

So basically, overthinking is ROI negative. Doing is all that matters. Let's talk about this.

No one cares about what you think

There are probably hundreds of people who are thinking about the billion dollar idea, but very few of you will actually do it. And when it's out in the open, no one cares if you thought about it or not, what matters is if you did it. Unfortunately, the smarter you are the safer you play and the slower your decision making is, which stops you from taking action.

Make decisions fast.

Keep the planing simple

There is no point in over-detailing your to-do list. A simple checklist is just fine. Don't put strict constraints on your tasks unless you have to (eg. time, duration... ). Sometimes, our perfectionism is embodied in our to-do lists. We tend to put in more details for each item and if one thing goes wrong we feel like everything is not worth doing.

Keep it simple, a minimal checklist with the minimum effort required will do the work.

HARD is just a lot of EASYies

There is no such thing as a complex task or project. Facebook's code is just a bunch of small software components, and each component is probably a bunch of other smaller components that are easy to build. So basically, you can build a Facebook-scale project if you want.

Always breakdown your the big task into small ones and make it look as easy and clear as possible for yourself.

Keep rewarding

Always add personal things you like to your to-do list. Reward yourself for your hard work. Your to-do list doesn't have to be filled with boring tasks that are just related to work, you can include your personal things like your hobbies or even your nap time. Your rewards should be on your to-do list and they should hold a high priority.

A common mistake is to have a to-do list full of only the things you don't like.

Don't get too emotional

If you like what you do and you are very passionate about it. You tend to take more time doing your tasks because you enjoy them. This mistake is very common among knowledge workers and artists. Before you start working, know at what stage you are going to check the task as DONE, if you never know what the end result will look like, you are leaving some productivity on the table.

Know when to kill the task and move on.

Be okay with doing less

Be content with how much you do. A common thing in project management is that deadlines are rarely met. It's good to be disciplined, but don't push yourself too hard and try to reward yourself frequently for finishing your work. Another thing you can keep in mind is to outsource some of your work to someone else who is willing to help you.

I hope this article encouraged you to make better to-do lists and improve your attitude around your productivity. Please do not hesitate to read more and share value with your friends. Thank you for your time.