Practical guide to identify your most valuable friends

Practical guide to identify your most valuable friends

Before you delete your mom's number make sure your read this first; this article is not for you to cut ties with everyone around you. This article is for you to identify people who will help you move forward with your career and life. Also, this article is not for people who just want to get by in life ( no shame in that ), this is an article for the ones who want to be great and achieve things in their lives starting by preparing their environment.

In this article we'll discuss how to practically identify your most valuable friends.

Kind & Caring

They are kind to their friends and family. They are easy to get along with. They don't make everything about them, they care about others. When you talk to them about a problem you have, they listen carefully and they ask you questions to understand on a deeper level and help you find solutions.

Have Values

They have values and they are not easily influenced to let go of them. They wont have a drink just because everybody is doing so. They wont steal, cheat, lie or any similar act.

Always improving

They are always working on themselves. They are always tracking and analyzing their performances and thinking about how they can get better. They are very aware of their weaknesses and strengths. They acknowledge it when someone is better than them and lear from him. They also motivate their friends to progress with them.

Master and Love their craft

They love what they do and they master it. They are the kind of people who are always curious and obsessed about their craft. They would always come excited and tell you about something they learned or worked on recently. They grow rapidly to become the source of expertise in what they do in their environment. They are also proud of what they spend time on.

Deep conversations

You easily get sucked into deep conversations with them. You'll rarely talk about tv shows and soccer games. Even when you do, you'll be talking about it at a deep level. ( "Why C.Ronaldo is a great entrepreneur ? What does Game Of Thrones teach you about politics in the workspace ?"... ). Every meeting with them feels like a podcast or a ted talk.

Spread Positivity

They are never spreading negativity. When talking to them, you'll go back to your place motivated and excited to make progress on yourself. They are always optimistic about the future, even during hard times.

‌             ‌

You might feel like an introvert sometimes as someone who prefers to be alone all the time, but in most cases you just got used to being surrounded by people who can't understand you.

To keep it short : who are the people you would pay money to talk to ?

In this article, we discussed six important criterias to know your most valuable friends and how to pick your future ones. If this article added value to you, please do not hesitate to share with your friends and read more on the blog.