Remote is the new Sexy

Remote is the new Sexy

Working remotely these days is rapidly becoming the new luxury. I mean, it even became mandatory in some places with everything going on with Covid-19. Also, no one would trade spending more time with their family, the long productive and uninterrupted hours of deep work and the ease of switching between work and not-work without dealing with the stressful traffic.

Let's discuss few reasons why remote work might be a better choice for you.

Productivity driven

While working remotely, your main value in the team is the work you can deliver. No one cares about your clothes or your hair style. All that matters is focused work. Not only that, the work volume you can deliver working remotely is usually larger than when you are going to the physical company's workspace. A lot of my friends also mentioned that they achieve more work when not surrounded by the office chatter that can create a lot of distractions especially when dealing with ADD or ADHD.

Trust building

To work with people remotely without actually seeing them working in a desk can be frustrating for some managers. What if they are not working now? what if they are still asleep? what if they are at the beach or a Starbucks instead of their home office ?... All these fears might actually be real, and unless tracking people down is an option, you can only trust them to deliver the work assigned, which should be the main focus. This cultivates a sense of self accountability which can result in a person liking their job more because now you're doing it because you actually want to do it.


Renting an office is crazy expensive, not to mention the cost of the furniture and bills ( People who saw of these numbers know what I am talking about ). On the other hand, the employees waste so much time, energy and money to go to the office and go back home everyday. By working remotely, you automatically can save your transportation costs, the energy waste of working in a noisy place and also the wasted time you are spending away from your loved ones and personal interests.

Control of the Workspace

Nothing beats sitting in the comfort of your own home office on your 4k monitor and mechanical keyboard, being productive and getting things done with the least amount of interruption and energy cost. But working remotely doesn't mean staying at home, you can go to your favorite coffee shop and work there in the morning, or you can even go to another city or country. The main idea is that you take full control of your workspace so that you can focus on your work.

More accessible opportunities

Whether you are looking for a job or looking for people to hire, once you decide that you are going to collaborate remotely, the number of opportunities you have access becomes dramatically larger. You can work with a company in New York and get paid in Morocco, or if you have a company you can bring on board good talents from anywhere in the world.

Isn't it all fun to work remotely ?

Well, surely there are many benefits of remote work, but there are some things everyone debating this idea should consider. In the end it's a matter of choice, remote work isn't for everyone and every job in every industry, it's an option that might or might not be a good investment.

Now that we dealt with the sweet stuff in remote work, we'll discuss in future articles spicier things you should consider before you go ask your boss to go remote.

I hope this article encouraged you to consider a remote career, please do not hesitate to read more and share value with your friends. Thank you for your time.