Remote work is REAL Work

Remote work is REAL Work

As we detailed in a previous article all the reasons to start working remotely. This time we are going to talk about the important things you should be capable of before you start a Remote lifestyle.

By the end of the day, remote work is real work. You need to be able to deliver, be productive and collaborate.


If your boss can't see you working, it doesn't mean you can stay asleep until noon.

You need to be present during work-time and available for both synchronous ( calls ) an asynchronous communication ( messages, emails ) in order to ensure a level of productive collaboration.

You need to hold yourself accountable for your behaviors.

Work Environment

Working remotely gives you the flexibility to have the work environment of your choice.

It is your responsibility to provide for yourself the work environment that suits you the best.

For a home office, you ll need a good internet connection, a desk and a comfortable chair. Be prepared to spend some money on that before you go remote. Think of it as an investment.


Trust is a very important factor in remote work. if your boss doesn't trust you with the work or if you don't trust your coworkers, remote work simply isn't going to work.

To give someone a task and wait for the results without knowing whether that person is working on it or doing something else, you need a certain level of trust to settle between you and that person.

Most people think that micro-management is the solution but it can only make things worse for both the supervisor and the supervised.

Building trust comes with time. If you keep delivering the good work repeatedly for every task for a significant period of time. Trust will gradually settle in and your coworkers will trust you more with the work and you will have more flexibility.

Work-life balance

Working remotely, especially from home, makes the gap between life and work very thin.

Most of the time, you end up working more than you should if nothing is stopping you from doing so.

Spending most of your time at home working on your computer means that you will be burning way less calories than if you were to go work at an office 30 minutes away from home. It's very crucial that you pay attention to your eating habits, you can gain weight very fast. ( speaking from personal experience )


If you choose to work remotely, then you will be communicating remotely most of the time. Which means you will have to deal with more emails and more messages. In order to perform as a team member, you need to be able to communicate your thoughts clearly through writing as you do in in-person conversations.

Writing skills are essential for every remote worker.

Remote work is Work

Finally, remote work is just work. Sure it's different and I recommend you try it at least once in a while. But remember that it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people enjoy working in an office with their coworkers, others will enjoy remote work more. It's all up to you and how productive you can be in which lifestyle.

I hope this article encouraged you to improve your remote lifestyle, please do not hesitate to read more articles in the blog and share value with your friends. Thank you for your time.