That's why everyone hates Ads

That's why everyone hates Ads

Marketing is the activity of promoting a product or a service to a target audience and it's one the most important pillars of any business. In this article, we are tackling the topic of permission marketing and why you might want to consider it as a better alternative for traditional marketing.

non-permission marketing

While businesses think of marketing as a way to present their value and get more customers, people ( potential customers ) perceive marketing very differently. Advertisement is always considered an interruption.

Everyone is familiar with the forms of interrupting ads these days :

  • annoying pop-ups every time you click somewhere on a website
  • irrelevant search results ( google )
  • irrelevant posts in social media ( Instagram )
  • in the middle of a video streaming ( YouTube, Facebook )
  • email spamming with no clear unsubscribing process ( mailing lists being sold )
  • cold calls

Marketing has a reputation of interrupting the audience's time. Businesses are trying to get as many eye balls as possible for as cheap as possible, which leads to unethical ( and annoying ) behaviors like tracking people's data.

Companies are targeting as many people as possible so that the 10% conversion rate can be enough to make money.

We can see this happening within content creation on the internet, a lot of content creators chase more followers and more views with no real purpose besides making more money.

On the other hand, a lot of people don't tolerate this strategy of marketing and they are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves ( using Adblocks, duckduckgo, Firefox...).

Permission marketing

Permission marketing is a form of advertising where the audience is given the choice to receive ads or not. ( like subscribing or unsubscribing to mailing lists ).

It’s advertising with consent. I am not talking about the checked by default "I agree" button. The target audience must consciously choose whether to get notified or not.

This strategy can be time consuming to see some results, but it 's worth it for so many reasons.

Permission marketing is cost efficient. Companies don't have to spend money on customers who are not interested. They can communicate with only the people who are looking forward to receiving them. The marketing should be anticipated from the customers or even impatiently waited for.

Furthermore, focusing on a specific person and involving them emotionally with a product or a business by making it clear that it's going to add value to their lives will increasingly build long term relationships.

The big number of followers doesn't really matter, a small loyal audience can be enough.

This article was inspired by Seth Godin.