The curse of being smart

The curse of being smart

Imagine two people, person A and B. Person A is a smart person and makes good decisions. Person B isn't as smart as person A but he makes decisions twice as fast. Overtime, the person B will gain more experience than person A and he'll have better chances in succeeding in his life. Meanwhile, person A will grow slowly following the footsteps of people who preceded him, playing it safe and not gaining much experience. Are you a person A or person B ?

In this article we will talk about the curse of being smart. In other words, the disadvantages of trying to always do it right from the start.

Information isn't experience

A person who thinks deeply before taking action and avoids making mistakes will be relying strongly on information more than experience. Because you can simply learn from other people's mistakes without repeating the same mistakes. It's like reading the solution of the exercise before doing it. It's safer to do so, but it can only take you so far. You'll be depending on other people's experiences in order to make your personal decisions. You'll end up living someone else's life.

Sometimes, even if an action led to someone's failure, it doesn't mean the same will happen to you. It's worth getting your hands dirty and form your own opinions about things. Digest information and go have your own experience.

Getting things Done

Over-calculating your next steps might slow you down and end up being not worth it. Many of us fall in love with the process of doing things. ( I like to draw, I like to code, I like to workout ... ) but few of us focus on getting results. That's why in team-work, people like to discuss how to do things, and when to do countless meetings and forget about the getting-it done.

As a software engineer myself, I think that it's stupid to worry about scalability if you only have 10 users in your website. And yet, a lot of people like to spend time and resources on problems they will ever have to deal with.

Fear disguised as smart

Taking time and energy analyzing the pros and cons of each action you take in order to do things right is related perfectionism and low self-esteem. It can also be observed as fear of making mistakes. It's not a coincidence that people with the highest degrees are also the ones who suffer the most from the imposter syndrome.

The educational system punishes the ones who make mistakes. As we grow, we develop this fear and shame of making mistakes, which later becomes this huge wall that's keeping us from unlocking our full potential.

Unlock the person C

It's a common thing for B people to tell others how successful they are despite how bad they were at school. On the other hand A people never miss a chance to brag about how much they know and how many degrees they have.

Respect for both person A and B. But a person C would be more interesting. Someone who's both knowledgeable and brave enough to take action. Someone who can both lead and work with a team. Someone who learns and educates. The best of both worlds.

I hope this article helped you in some way. Please do not hesitate to read more articles on the blog and share value with your friends. Thank you for your time.