When your day isn't Enough

When your day isn't Enough
By the time I am writing this, I am refusing to sleep, angry at myself, and everyone who intervened with my free-time during the day. I lost control of my day, and now I am taking it back at the expense of my sleep. I decided to talk about this here.

Whether it's work or school or family, the time taken from you is significantly more than the time you control.  You end up feeling constantly unsatisfied as if your freedom was stolen from you, so you decide to take revenge upon your sleep. You refuse to sleep because that's the only time you have left. This is called revenge bedtime procrastination ( RBP ).

In this article, we'll talk about few approaches to avoid RBP.

Stop the cycle

Delaying your sleep to get more time is very dangerous. Doing so will get you to be more sleep deprived overtime, which translates to a decrease in performance during the day, which means you will feel even worse about yourself the next day, and you'll repeat the same thing until you burnout or catch depression. It's very important to stop the cycle as early as possible.


Learn how to draw the line between your time and other people's time. Some of us usually can't refuse spending time with others, whether it's family, friends or co-workers. We give up the vast majority of our time to others. That's where the feeling of not being in control of our day is coming from.  Saying NO to additional responsibilities can save you more time to do the things you want with the people you choose to be with or alone.

Intensify your rest

Try this: Describe your perfect weekend.I would be surprised if any form of shallow resting comes to your mind, mostly you'd love to do a set of your favorite activities that demand from you some sort of effort mentally or physically. Shallow resting only makes a person feel worse. How do you feel after 12 hours of sleep ? good ? I doubt it. Trying to practice entertaining activities, stimulating the brain and consuming resources (money, time, energy) by doing so will help making the most out of the free time. The rest you seek isn't always physical rest, it's often active rest.

Conscious rest

It's very important to be aware of the time you spend. Stay present. Rest and be aware of it. Most of the time people can spend a whole Sunday afternoon doing nothing, but they aren't aware of it until it's too late and it's Monday again. Imagine the same thing, but instead of it being just a Sunday it can be your entire life.

Few of methods to gain more awareness of your time are journaling or making todolists. Making todolists will help you set expectations and plan your day beforehand. Journaling by the end of the day can help you remind yourself of the things you did during that day. These two methods can be practiced in writing, but also verbally by casually telling people what you are planning to do the next day or how you spent the your time.

Summary :

  • stop the cycle of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.
  • detach from unnecessary responsibilities and learn how to say NO.
  • intensify your rest by doing more resource consuming activities.
  • increase your awareness by writing/talking about the things you did or planned to do.

I hope this article added some value to your life. Please do not hesitate to read more articles on the blog and share value with your friends. Thank you for your time.