Why you should share knowledge

Why you should share knowledge

In this article I will tell you why It is very important for you to share your knowledge with other people. Sharing can be done in different ways through articles, videos, comments or even talking to people directly.

Lose that attitude

Everyone at some point of their life tend to keep some useful information to themselves to have that feeling of superiority. By sharing your ideas with other people you will lose this entitlement and you will surround yourself with people with the same mindset who will generously share information with you.

Validate your knowledge

It's always risky to say something you are not 100% sure about, specially in front on a lot of people. Sharing your knowledge openly with people will push you further to re-learn and validate your knowledge before sharing. That's why taking the responsibility of teaching a specific subject will help you be more knowledgeable about that subject and therefore gain in confidence.

Build your Personal Brand

Sharing ideas about topics that are relevant to your audience will definitely boost your credibility. You will establish a personal brand as someone with experience who is worth receiving information from. Sharing your expertise can help you expand your network beyond your circle of friends and co-workers, which can lead to more opportunities.

Communicate better

By communicating your knowledge with different people, you will learn how to better articulate an idea so that the vast majority of your audience understands It. Good communication will help you stretch your reach and include people who aren't necessarily familiar with the topic you are talking about.